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Never thought I'd want a giant lobster pet, but here I am. I wanted the high-nanigans to go on for a bit longer, but I guess I can't complain about that with a series that's supposed to consist of just short clips.

Everything is still solid with this.

Yeah I'd be pretty damn happy about that as well. IDK if it's just me, but this episode seemed smoother than the previous installments in the series. Still a bit annoyed by the kinda lackluster voicing, but it's definitely a bit better. Or it's just grown on me a bit.

Herb is such a playboy.

It feels like the main issue with the series (so far) is that it's a lil lacking in the voicing department. I can't quite put my finger on it but it just doesn't sit right with me. The quality's decent but it all sounds very unnatural.

Other than that it's been good so far, and I'm excited to see where this all will lead.

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I for once had fun trying to figure out what the medals were, though admittedly I did have to look up how to get the party in the dungeon one.

Fun little game, though with the exception of the medal hunt, it gets pretty dull pretty quick.

Really enjoy Picross puzzles, so you have no idea how happy I am to find this on NG. Even better that this has some sort of progression system with xp, which I've yet to find in other picross games on mobile. Could wish for some more color and user submitted puzzles and stuff like that. I was going to say I'd like X marked tiles to not be filled when clicking them, but it seems from the description like this is something I can unlock somehow.

This is a great first step into game making imo. It looks sleek, and it works, which is more than can be said for most peoples' first attempts.

Still, I'd say it barely qualifies as a game. It's a very simple shooter game, and it gets really repetitive really fast. I got to level 3 and realized it was all just the same grind. Kill enemies, get ammo, get super weapon for a short time, repeat. Maybe add some sort of level system that's separated from this arcade style system you've got now? Or switching out the "ammo" system for a currency system to be used on various upgrades like bullet damage, reload time, variety of enemies etc

lca responds:

tk you so much for your feedback!!! i will continue to work on this game, this is my sandbox game, when i study GMS! :D

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Yeah this is easily the best track I've come across on my Random journey today. Real smooth, real chill hip-hop. Not too sure I agree on the triphop tag, but that's just semantics tbh.

Xorberax responds:


I mean, it's not necessarily the worst. The talking section, sure, seems you threw that in just to make it seem worse, but for the most part this could easily go as some noisy techno track. It still gets repetitive, it's fairly flat, but it's far from the worst I've heard.

Always happily surprised to hear some lo-fi/bedroom pop on Newgrounds, when the audio portal is mostly filled with electronic music of varying quality.

I'm personally of the opinion that lo-fi indie shouldn't be mixed or mastered too heavily. With this I'd still like to see some cleaning up of the intro, whether it's the reverb or big room effect you've added, I'm not a big fan of it. Maybe went a bit too hard on the reverb on the vocals as well, but other than that I enjoyed it!

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I'm always impressed when people do amazing things with a relatively quick speedpaint. Got a mecha-alien lookin thing goin on. Real bleak and dystopian imo.

Can't really think of anything negative to say about this, absolutely love it, it being done in just two hours makes it even more impressive.

Those shiny shoes look hella good.

The anatomy seems kinda odd though. With the lines below her belly it looks like she has really long legs but not much goin on above them. Shading on the cleavage looks a bit overdone, but I love the detail in the sleeves.

I like it when people call me bro.

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